So long Minneapolis, Hello Dallas!

After living in Minneapolis for 15 years, we made a humongous decision to move to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas last year.  My husband and I discussed until our heads are spinning and finally decided to start our new life in TX. It was an extremely tough decision for me, my husband and our 2 little daughters considering we had amazing friends (more like family to us) and great communities. Not only mastering  "Minnesota nice" or getting used to 20 below weather, I had great network of mentors, friends and amazing clients that I've been working with since I started my photography business; k.mae studio in 2008. it was heartbroken to leave all the precious items we accumulated over the course of years.
Here we are in Texas with "Southern hospitality" and over 100 degree weather. Imagine this! It was very challenging summer last year especially since it was the hottest summer since 1980! We moved from MN in June to barely getting out of snow to over 100 degrees weather. People have been telling us that last year was not normal and it's much better usually. I really hope they are right.
Anyway, since we moved to DFW, I've been working slowly but surely. I've experienced few wedding shoots, attending seminars, and flew to Minneapolis last September and had a successful family photo sessions in the lovely fall weather with beautiful families.
This year, I decided to take an exam to become a certified professional photographer (CPP) and have been preparing for it. (which I will talk on a separate blog :). Also, the busy wedding season starts in April. It's nice to be busy, right?!

Thank you for stoping by and reading my blog. I will keep them coming :)