Orange Star Farm

Orange Star Farm is one of my favorite farm in Washington State. Libby, the owner of Orange Star Farm has a nice balance of hard-working, dedication and art. Her produce is so beautiful and delicious. They grow unique vegetables that I have never tasted before (such as chervil and ground cherry) and/or something that I grew up with in Japan, which I haven't seen this quality for a long time (such as shiso and gobo). I am so happy that I got to visit Orange Star Farm to see how the magic happens. They are located in Monroe, Washington. It's beautiful greenery and river is running right next to the farm. You get to purchase their delicious produce at Queen Anne Farmers Market between June and October. You may have tasted their produce at some restaurants such as How To Cook A Wolf or Eden Hills in Queen Anne, Seattle. 

Once you try their produce, you would want to eat vegetables more and more! 

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. See you next time! 


オレンジスターファームはワシントン州のモンローという郊外にあります。シアトルから車で約45分です。夏はクイーンアンファーマーズマーケットで旬の野菜を販売されていますよ。あと、レストランにも卸されていてイーサンストーウェルのHow To Cook A Wolfや去年、今年ともジェームスビアード賞にノミネートされているEden Hillsなどなど。知らないうちに食べていたかもしれませんね♪