12 Sins - Coffee - March

My 2018 resolution is to post 12 (deadly) sins this year. Please use your discretion as they may make you hungry! 

I love enjoying a cup of coffee first thing in the morning 😋 I used to be able to drink as many cups of coffee as I wanted. Nowadays, I can only enjoy one cup a day, otherwise it will affect my beauty sleep. So, I became interested in learning different ways of making coffee. French press, espresso and pour over. Beans from different counties and the roasting level. Currently I enjoy Pour over with Chemex the most. It makes smooth and mild coffee, that I like. In Seattle, there are many great coffee shops and roasters. The coffee beans I like is from roaster in Port Townsend, WA called Sunrise Coffee.  They specialize in Organic green beans and single origin. 

For coffee lovors, there is an upcoming convention called Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle on April 19-22, 2018. It would be fun to learn and taste coffee from all over the world. Also, Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle is a good destination for trying different coffee, too. I have tried beans from Costa Rica and it was delicious! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my blog!


朝、淹れたてのコーヒー一杯が日課です😋 前まではコーヒーを何杯飲んでも平気だったんですが、最近は何杯も飲むと睡眠に影響するようになってきました。せっかく一杯だけ飲むんんだったらとびきり美味しいものにしようといろんなコーヒーの淹れ方やコーヒー豆、ロースト加減を読み始めました。今一番気に入っているのはケメックスで入れるドリップ方式。コーヒー豆はワシントン州のポートタウンセンドというところにあるサンライズコーヒーというオーガニックのロースターさんのものが気に入っています。