12 Sins - Meat - April

My 2018 resolution is to post 12 (deadly) sins this year. Please use your discretion as they may make you hungry! 

This month is meat. I enjoy meat in moderation. I am lucky to have a spouse who is a grill master. When there is no rain, our charcoal grill is working hard. Another thing I love is bacon. Bacon is such a mighty food. You can cook them crispy or add a small amount of diced bacon as a flavor enhancer. 

I attended Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this year, and I saw lots of jerky, too. Jerky has been a trend for the past few years. 

I have done some photoshoot with Crowd Cowwhich is a start up company that you can mail order craft beef and meat. They have good quality meat if you are interested in trying something new.  

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my blog!


4月 お肉 🍖 我が家には(自称)バーベキューマスターがいるので晴れている日はバーベキュー。牛肉や、チキン、ソーセージなどいろんなものをバーベキューします。あと、お肉といえばベーコンも忘れられません。カリッカリに焼いたベーコンも美味しいし、少し食材としてお料理に加えるとぐっとウマミが増します。


こちらも最近一緒にお仕事をさせていただいたオンラインビジネスで、Crowd Cow というお肉のメールオーダーサービスではクラフトビーフが色々トライできて楽しいですよ。和牛も購入できます。