12 Sins - Beer - May

My 2018 resolution is to post 12 (deadly) sins this year. Please use your discretion as they may make you hungry! 

This month is beer. As the weather gets nicer, there are more opportunities to sit outside and enjoy a glass (or two) of beer. I enjoy lager beer in summer. It is extra tasty! There are many craft beer breweries in Washington State. 

On father's day weekend, there is a Washington State Craft Beer Festival in Redmond, Washington. There will be over 500 kinds of craft beer to try out. It is a kids friendly event and it can be a great father's day gift for your family :) 

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my blog!


5月 ビール。暖かくなってくるとラガービールが美味しくなってきますよね。

ワシントン州にはクラフトビールのブルーワリーがたくさんあります。来月、父の日の週末にはワシントンステート  クラフトビールフェスティバルがありますよ。500種類以上のクラフトビールが試飲できるそうです。お気に入りのビールを見つけるチャンスかもしれませんね。